Direct Access Portal

This is one of two comparison sites for directly using a barrister as opposed to a solicitor. In the past there was a rule which required barristers to only take instructions from solicitors but this rule has been abolished.This site has easy to use search tools for barristers in your area and to get quotes of fees from them. The website is quite simple but still professional. Also it can only show you barristers who are available on your court date. I got results back from them about barristers in my area in minutes with full contact details, information about them and what they specilise in. It seems to really work with solicitors, barristers and lawyers and work with hundreds across the country. My comparison search brought up 400 results which is more than any other site offers on this list.


Lexoo is a good solicitor comparison site because there is quite a lot of variety in the services you can apply for and they also have a large number of solicitors on the books. The form you fill out is simple and does not require too much personal info or an account, this meanings you can get a quick comparison quote about solicitor fees fast. I really like the look and feel of their website and it seems like they’re really dedicated to the service they provide. Lexoo has good ratings and seems to me like a top pick. They got back to me straight away which is faster than the other websites.


This comparison website is very generic and looks almost identical to, except with a different colour scheme. The website is good and the service you get is also good with an easy to use form to fill out to get quotes about legal fees from solicitors. A very smooth and user friendly website but not the best on this list for comparing solicitors.


Money Supermarket is already one of the top comparison websites out there today and their conveyancing comparison services are top too. The conveyancing page is quite standard and is definitely not the best on this list to find solicitors. However you know with a trusted site that you will get good quality service and that’s what you do get. This is what gives them the edge.

Compare the Law

Compare The Law is definitely a very professional solicitor comparison website and one of my favourites on the list. You have to create an account with this website, which is not the best thing to do if you want a quick quote from solicitors. This is a free service and quite a nicely run one too. I really liked this website.

Lawyer Fair

How you receive a quote on this solicitor comparison website is by far the fastest out of all of the websites I’ve tried. This is a very minimalistic comparison site and can be navigated easily. Their website has a very generic and boring look about it which does not effect the quality of how it works but it has a big impact on first impressions as many people will be wanting a proffesional looking website if they are looking too compare something like a solicitor.

Legal Brokers

This is a website specific to comparing conveyancers and property law so it is quite difficult for me to compare to the rest of the sites on review in terms of ability to find quotes for solicitors. However I can compare about the look and feel of this comparison website. Although the comaprison site is not very sleek, it is easy to use and not bad to look at. The language is slightly informal at times but it works well and seems very user friendly and accessible. It is not the worst website I have seen but could use some improvement.